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The Art of Travel Revealed

At the end of last year, I introduced my new project, The Art of Travel, as a way for me to expose the beauty of daily around the world through my photography. I’m happy to now announce that I have taken the concept to a higher level with the launch of The Art of Travel Kim Wildman Facebook page.

So what is The Art of Travel?

The Art of Travel is my way of inspiring people to travel more consciously.

Too often when we travel, we’re in such a hurry to see and tick off a predetermined list of sites/sights on our travel bucket lists, we don’t truly see and experience the place we are visiting. We merely take in its veneer.

The Art of Travel is about digging deeper. It’s about seeing and experiencing places in newer, more enlightening ways. It encourages us to be in the moment. To stop; open our eyes, hearts and minds and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in – even the everyday.

The splashes of colour across the sky at sunrise and sunset, the warm glow of the sun, the mournful cry of a lone bird, the fragrant aroma of a spice market, the laughter of children in the street, a casual conversation with a stranger – whether soft and subtle or vivid and vibrant, the world is alive with colour. All you need to do is look.

The Art of Travel is more than just a way of travelling, though. It’s a lifestyle. A way of living that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. Who’s to say that when we are home we can’t view our surroundings with as much awe and wonder as we do when we travel? In fact, I encourage it.

It’s also about sharing our knowledge and experiences of places with others. It is my hope that by following, and encouraging others to follow, The Art of Travel's four key principles - LOOK. LISTEN. LEARN. SHARE. - that this will in turn promote greater cultural understanding and tolerance.

A pretty lofty goal, I know, but certainly not impossible.

Be sure to stop by my page and let me know what you think.

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