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A well-respected travel writer and guidebook author, samples of Kim's published work is as below.


Samples of Kim's Published Articles


Utes, boots and horses’ hoofs

Kim Wildman gets out into the dust and the sun for the annual Bedourie Ute & Travellers’ Muster and Bedourie Races.

Coming from Toowoomba in Queensland, I’d always considered myself a bit of a country girl at heart, but finding myself in the middle of what could best be described as a desert plain, directing traffic at the fourth annual Bedourie Ute & Travellers’ Muster in far South West Queensland, I suddenly felt more city slicker than outback lass. Read more


Finding yourself in the great South West

Road trips don’t come any more vivid or memorable than a journey through the USA’s most seminal desert landscape.

‘DEAD END. GPSs are wrong!’ blares the giant billboard in the front of our rental car. “I told you the GPS was leading us in the wrong direction,” I snap at my parents, impatiently brandishing the road map I’d picked up at the airport. The last time I remember going on vacation with my parents was when I was 10, packed into the back of the Holden station wagon along with my three siblings for a road-trip down the Pacific Highway to see our relatives in Melbourne. Fast forward some 30 years and here I am in the back of a rental car an hour outside Albuquerque, USA, wondering ‘what am I doing?’ Read more


Ballina, Bangalow, Byron & beyond

Local travel writer, Kim Wildman, explores the Far North Coast of NSW in search of the three Rs.

Fringed by golden beaches and wrapped in the cocoon of nature, the Far North Coast of New South Wales has long been renowned as the home of the three Rs: rest, relation and rejuvenation. Yet despite living in one of Australia’s most envied locations, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to enjoy its rewards. Read more 


Romania: High stakes adventures

Fuelled by Dracula stories and plum brandy, Kim Wildman lets her imagination run wild in Transylvania.

A biting breeze sends a chill up my spine as I leave the train in Brasov, a medieval fortress city in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. Transylvania is renowned as the setting of Bram Stoker's 1897 gothic novel, Dracula based loosely on Vlad Tepes, the revered prince from the Middle Ages who impaled his foes on stakes and I'm here to sink my teeth into the legend of Count Dracula. It's a cliche, I know, but I'm a sucker for a good vampire story. I've watched every episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I'm smitten with Robert Pattinson's brooding Edward in Twilight. Read more


Monument Valley: Scenes from central casting

Primed by a lifetime of watching John Ford's westerns, Kim Wildman rides into the sunset of Monument Valley.

I have a confession. I love westerns. From the age of three I would sneak out of bed, well after lights-out, to join my father in front of the latest shoot-'em-up cowboy movie. The gunslinging heroics of John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Clint Eastwood weren't the most appropriate viewing for his youngest daughter but I was fascinated by the seemingly simple storylines where the good guys - those usually wearing the white hats - always won. Besides, I felt safe by my father's side. Read more



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